Epiphone 1966 G-400 Pro
Epiphone 1966 G-400 Pro

1966 G-400 Pro, SG-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the SG series.

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SlapKid 04/13/2013

Epiphone 1966 G-400 Pro : SlapKid's user review

«  Very good plan! »

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China of course, beautiful lake placid blue color kind but greenish hue, mine has a white pearl pickguard wow.
Gloss everywhere, fairly thick, zero default.
Alnico pickups split-standard panel with push-pull on volumes.

22cases, vintage mcaniques BUT that take very good agreement.
Very well finished, handle very well, ditto frets that want?

Compared the SG400 worn brown, here you have 35 roros more: more rock and split-microphones, push-pull volumes, and stop tail is equipped with anti-drop rods. Moreover it is a very limited edition aesthetics.


Always compared the 400 wb, the handle has the same profile, but the polish is much thicker so it is bigger in the leg.
The pelham blue is much heavier and cooler to the touch. The handle is slower than the wb, varnishes oblige.
The sound is different vacuum by the complete pickguard is cooler and slamming.

Actually worn brown is rather share in current production, not necessarily a good comparison.
This pelham blue is very nice to play the mcaniques lightweight and rather heavy body gives it a perfect balance.

Technically, the microphones are mountains on connector, and volumes are a play with connector and split, all the rest as soud. It is seen, so we did a signal interruption (my Gigi lp studio has three more). Also it's easy to speak, I had to reverse the phases microphones for good reels in split mode and it was a breeze without soldering iron or anything.


This is where the difference with 400WB sg is the sharpest, the microphones are much more aggressive rock and this is what is expected of a sg and no need to change all that they are rsistants to feedback.
Their tone is pretty cool, with a nice liss (the grain is fine), and they are also effective in clean (not serious drool) that distortion (they do well the amp). In simple mode is nice, especially the neck pickup that allows the game "pneumatic" that hits overdrive blues.
In short nothing do with smokey jazz pickups sister!

Only trslger BMOL totally unjustified given the price, single mode coil pickups together do not cancel background noise ...


Well made three months rather use frquent (Idale shape to play vautr on the couch!), And I love it.
For the ridiculous difference compared to the standard 400 no hsiter is downright offered (a pickguard costing 39, 18 ... and a pushpull are 2!) Especially as the microphones are very good in the sg mind.

At this level of realization, we can really ask the question: why take the amricaine?

Never mind the grumpy, given the quality and price offers I can not put the maximum score everywhere.