Epiphone Pierced SG
Epiphone Pierced SG

Pierced SG, SG-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the E series.

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Arbaal 11/15/2005

Epiphone Pierced SG : Arbaal's user review


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Buying in France, 22 frets, no floyd, a handle epiphone rather comfortable: p
Microphones with an output level of fun, providing a powerful saturation trs: D
It is also a skyscraper that has a warm and jazzy enough so its clear (but admittedly it is not its greatest asset, his mouth matte ^ ^ you'll understand why it is done: D)


Trs it sounds good for metal, gives personal dipstick Si or R, and potato vala: D scary ^ ^
She gre the trash / hardcore / power metal / etc etc ... ..
It goes well on jazz
But it is can be a little too brutal for the raggae (bourrinne but if not like a pig: D it goes anyway)


I think she's done for the type and mtal, the sound is bold: p
It really is a scratch for''evil''
Unfortunately I find it can be too mtal for me (I have a group of ska / skacore)
And when I play distortion bah ... Death Metal what: S


Trs good scratch, dipstick for 3 years ... 400uros bought, I had a lot of test MODELS before this one, but no one from a scratch LTD EMG brought me pleasure too nice to scratch like a pig to do the tr molo etc. ..., etc. ..
Report qualitprix Honourable trs

With exprience if I had the choice again, I do not really know if I would have done, I really exploiting the bte enough for ska I should have taken a less scratches bourrinne but if I played as mtal, then yes!