Epiphone Tony Iommi G-400
Epiphone Tony Iommi G-400

Tony Iommi G-400, SG-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the SG series.

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M.o.n 02/26/2005

Epiphone Tony Iommi G-400 : M.o.n's user review


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24 frets
stick stuck
Black as pictured
micro gibson United States (190 euro for the truth has a scratch off)
made in korea ca fe moin class


Channel supra comfortable, it slides all alone.
is a sg therefore the access to acute and perfect
No sound there is nothing wrong is a rock and it shows!
the only problem is the balance standing from the head then be taken to keep the habit all the time


My style is rock and punk / hardcore, this scraper is perfect nothing was wrong in the look she has more black tro tro class.
I play with a marshall and a boss ME 50. bah my ibanez with the PAF Pro sounds less
good to be said that the handle is for clear, full, the bridge exclusively for huge distortion if the sound is clear above tro Crystal clear. Shit I not play the triangle!
everything is well above the price is a huge scratch like this one


It is 4:00 I have the day did not stop playing it, from the problem of balance it nya no complaints. The key ptite tommy liommi (ptite the cross to be located on the handle) that is very tropical, even if I wanted to have them al! there are po pk??
value for money monster is remarkable.
380 euros micro gibson dessu more mechanical fgroover a bath oil + the set neck and maple body!
What about the gibson ellle is almost 200euros for less than the faded sg L rained in May of mouth.
with experience, g gladly do it again but I would like many in white with the inverted cross
if not big fan of the rock will buy!