Epiphone Worn G-400 (Faded G-400)
Epiphone Worn G-400 (Faded G-400)

Worn G-400 (Faded G-400), SG-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the SG series.

zeDreamer 02/15/2012

Epiphone Worn G-400 (Faded G-400) : zeDreamer's user review

«  Incredible at this price »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in China
Mahogany body and neck
Rosewood binding with plastic imitation pearl diamond (we only see the difference that closely).
Chrome mechanical
Gibson fixed bridge type
'60 Round handle, slim profile type
22 frets
Epiphone humbuckers classic 57 (alnico V)
2 volume, 2 tone.
A 3-position selector: neck, neck + bridge, bridge.
Gotoh Tuners. They take good agreement, as well as on my LP.

Finishes very correct, mine, and I tested store-bought, was perfectly finished.


The handle is very comfortable to play. Neither too flat nor too thick, the junction body / neck is very well done, and is accessed easily in the last box.
The frets are like on my Gibson and not too high, super-comfortable.
The mail is correct, but to watch ... I had to tighten the input jack after 3 days. The thread I did not look very solid.

Ergonomics side, its just sitting top as we play. The game is virtually impossible as long standing guitar slumps.

Level setting for the sound, it's all knobs at the bottom and it's happiness ;)
I pulled the pickups for a little potato.


Its level, unexpected ... this is the guitar to 200 € that does this??

Frankly stunning. Sound blues, hard rock and heavy excellent. It's warm, full, round, smooth. You can play with many nuances.

The pickups are really good for the price. Surely those are not Gibson originals but they have a very good record.
They sound a little more muffled than Gibson, but we manage to offset rising slightly treble on the amp.
on the other hand, it has a little trouble with the large distortions. it tends to blow and be rough.

I play with a Boss GT8 headphones or so with a Marshall JCM2000 combo in a 2x12 + 2x12 celestion v30 in, and frankly, in both, it sounds that little.
Very pleasantly surprised.


I have only been two weeks. For now I am fully satisfied.
I'll come edit my post if ever I think is changing.

I tested some guitars before making my choice. Initially I had gone to take a SG 60 'tribute. yeah, it does not convince me.
Then I tested the SG'61 reissue, extra, then just after it. I was amazed by the resemblance of the guitar (almost identical, and I love the 61) and also by sound. For 10/15% of the price, there is a guitar that mimics the sg61 superbly.
I then tested the Epiphone LP standard, custom and prophecy ... I have not really liked, it was not what I wanted, and it did not compare with my LP Standard.
So I picked up this little G400 in hand, plugged into another amp, and wahhhh I buy!

I only play with me, and it is for now a super nice surprise.

I wanted a guitar every day, in order to make my lines a little and have fun. It is perfect for this. And for relaxation too!

Very good choice, unbeatable value for money. I even hesitate to buy me a second to mount microphones mordants more ...