Gibson SG Deluxe 3 Vibrola (1971)
Gibson SG Deluxe 3 Vibrola (1971)

SG Deluxe 3 Vibrola (1971), SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

sgmikel 05/05/2006

Gibson SG Deluxe 3 Vibrola (1971) : sgmikel's user review


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I have the scratch for 3 years, I had another sg before and then I cracked on her look, so I sold the old one and bought it, it comes from us and gives him a look Bigsby Hell is an original Bigsby Gibson, she is much prettier than the picture on the site ....... also the peculiarity of the skyscraper, its handle, it is extremely thin, thinner than Fender handles and even thinner than the sleeves lp or sg custom .......... which makes it very easy to play ...... if I had to describe it I would say that it is feline .......... the wiring of the pickups is the same as a custom sg ........ I think basically we just all run separate or together ....... . personally I use it as an sg classic and I used some of the central micro .......... ....... matter of taste if not, it would well agree.


As I said before the handle is very easy to play, according to a luthier friend is carved in a typical tropical mahogany guitars of old is now forbidden to cut the veins of the wood are very beautiful and the guitar is super light, far more than the current sg which are yet not heavy! It is ideal for those seeking to exercise caution while keeping your back strength and sustain ...... the sound is exellent on all the microphones, but unlike some sg it is very round and very warm in the microwave serious when to him, the microphone has a good sharp potato without nasal, allowing a range of sounds interesting ........ scratch that sounds very vintage with a lot of grain, personality and a very hot .. ..... I was talking about the clear sound!! for saturations read on .............


Well, I played on a jcm 900 dual reverb head 100 watts. I play in groups and our stytle slap on influences as varied cure, joy division, nirvana, placebo, Sonic Youth .............. I use a lot with this sg metal distortion because there it is really terrible, grainy, compact, precise, incisive while keeping a big sound gibson. A real treat, its exactly the same as placebo sg ....... all the notes come out perfectly and all cash effects (the delay is running perfectly). with the distortion of the amp, it sounds more or acdc classic rock, but with a lot of grain and heat ......... since I scratch this, I tried other recent gibson and then there !!!!! you can not part with a vintage scratch!! unless you buy another skyscraper vintage! I paid 1700 euros, just be a bit pricey but good .....


Apart from this I scratched a 1965 mustang L series, which is also a rather special scratch, I would say that the scratches on personality (I mean my sg) and finally unusual ........ ..... it may be what I like most .......... I think it looks like a lot, and often tells me after concerts ...... ... it is dynamic, stylish and punchy .......... so all is well!