Gibson Frank Zappa Roxy SG
Gibson Frank Zappa Roxy SG

Frank Zappa Roxy SG, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

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Charlo57200 07/26/2014

Gibson Frank Zappa Roxy SG : Charlo57200's user review

«  A terrible SG »

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This SG is not like the others. Made in the USA with a 60's slim neck. The pickups are two humbuckers 57 'classic, splitables two mini toogles (perhaps the wrong place) on the pickguard, and controlled by two volumes, two tones and a toogle three positions. Strings descend from Grover, spend over 22 frets and a tune-O-matic bridge to a lyre vibrato with a flat stem.


The guitar is very fun to play as its lightness by its very comfortable handle on which access to acute is done smoothly or its ergonomic shape. And especially the sound palette is very broad due to splits and plugged into my Marshall DSL5C, it always sounds great regardless of the settings, clean or crunch.


I had the opportunity to connect on a Marshall, but the sound is terrible. The clean is not effete but the greatest asset remains crunch. For snapping riffs of AC / DC is that of happiness. It really looks like the old SG Special Zappa.


I did that for a few days, but it is a few days of happiness. I find it close to my 1961 Les Paul / SG tribute in a lightweight and versatile. I love the fact that it is close to a good standard vintage SG. I got it for not much because a luthier had a gradient to the head / neck junction and the store gave me a price. Frankly, if you want a light guitar, versatile, with a crazy look, you will find it and you of what you offer, go for it!