Gibson [Guitar of the Week #37] '67 SG Special Reissue w/P90
Gibson [Guitar of the Week #37] '67 SG Special Reissue w/P90

[Guitar of the Week #37] '67 SG Special Reissue w/P90, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Guitar of the Week series.

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goldmulo 04/18/2008

Gibson [Guitar of the Week #37] '67 SG Special Reissue w/P90 : goldmulo's user review


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This small SG is of course American-made, like his illustrious ancestor of 1967. All mahogany, rosewood fingerboard (especially soft to the touch), handle typed SG (very wide circle), and especially a fabulous pair of P90 pickups "soapbar". In short, that's great ...


The handle is thicker than a standard or a special ordinary. A small adjustment period will be perhaps necessary, but then it really that happy. The violin was perfect and feel of a license is rare. Ergonomics speaks for itself (it's a SG), and the sound ... bah, they are P90: not to tire with the settings, it's still incredibly hot and intense.


This is the guitar of choice for the late 60's psyche! It was the sound of the Doors, the Who and many others, so we can not blame him ;-) Rock, blues, funk ... why not as long as you do not ask him to play the trash-death-speed-metal of death that kills, it should be, and very well. Good amp discipline to not waste it.


This is a reprint of 400 copies as part of Operation "Guitar of the Week" in 2007. A collector, then, and if any remain, do not hesitate to crack! This is a purchase favorite of heart that I did not regretted a single moment, especially since for once, Mr. Gibson was not too greedy: € 1100 with the case in France, given the quality finish, this is a value which is no longer used. Long live the fall of $ ;-)