Gibson SG Special Faded
Gibson SG Special Faded

SG Special Faded, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

nebs 12/02/2009

Gibson SG Special Faded : nebs's user review


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I had always had a bad image of Gibson, following a bad experience with a special Les Paul bought 1,500 euros in 2001 sold after 4 days so i was from. Well, this little SG faded completely changed my opinion 700 eurosdans the shop downstairs from me (I rarely buys online). Party to buy me unefender lonestar (I dj 3), the seller afait me try this SG. A WONDER. Natural finish, almost without varnish, ultra fast heat, sound saturated cry! I tried on a standard SG, see anything, varnish makes it less fast neck and sound seems to be smothered by too thick varnish. For microphones and finishes are the same except the varnish and the fact that the standard is equipped hood chrome! 500 euros for a little polish and Chroms hoods is even curious when Mr. Gibson ...


The handle large parat, rude miracle unplayable but when you put your fingers on it is a thousand times better than fender! The touch is soft (thank you key in bne) the game so fast and easy. The best round I got under the fingers ... and yet I have thirty guitar. The access to acute is of ease dconcertante, the guitar does not sting the nose unlike Epiphone and Toka I tried.
If you have two neurons, you will get the same magic on a crappy amp!


At departure, if you are accustomed to a fender, you surprised by your presence bass. In his clear, it's a bit Gnant, less than a fender when one is not accustomed it's not a guitar to play the Goldman! Rather of its roots. Ds but we put a bit of overdrive, the guitar becomes a killer! It sings the screaming bends, guitar vibrates! Nothing to do with EMG, 490 Gibson is a thousand times better, and finally if you are a fan of Santana, ZZ Top, The Doors, Stones etc ... It is lighter than Lespaul has reminds me my lot DNG (bought 13,000 francs or 2,000 euros in 1992). The best sound I ever got saturated in it's beautiful cry.
The best guitar I have ever heard in overdrive and saturated (the fender are not bad but a notch below)


I need me ADOPTED, this is the third guitar I buys in two weeks but I think I've found my companion, I will be faithful to him all my life. Really, this guitar is discreet, it is not make-up like a flying jalopy but a queen.
I dconseille for beginners because this guitar deserves better than coarse fingers! She deserves a good guitarist who knew lots of other guitars and will love him and chrir.