Gibson SG Special
Gibson SG Special

SG Special, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

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tom64 02/08/2005

Gibson SG Special : tom64's user review


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Ca any good already has been explained above so no need to repeat but hey c is really a beautiful guitar !!!!!


The handle is super-nice especially for the rise in the high .... there is nothing easier!
- Lergonomie is more than good, good for the reason already cit above, but more weight!! compared to a les paul which weighs 3 tons ..... The c is a real pen, you can play standing for hours without breaking your back!
-For sound, c is easy to adjust, even if c is true that with just 2 or 3 knob ca enough, but hey .... c qd is not even rocket science!


She is perfect as a myStyle music I play everything! c is a very versatile guitar and can take no matter what sound!! it is really good as its clean and its saturated sound very prpopres with which one can attack ....
I utlise the amp with a fender hot rod deluxe ... and no comment! c is really the foot! with just a distortion pedal bin and more, here you can play everything and very well, until the very aggressive hard rock!


- It's been two years since I used the!
-I prefer the particularity c is its versatility has it all! and what I like least ben ehh .... there is nothing .... honestly!
Before the acquire-j have tried many other guitars and nothing is comprable! fender ... no, the other gibson too expensive, and even the sg standart which is more expensive and ben ... I see no difference or very little! The special did not need to be jealous! c is a real guitar that does not copy anything on others!
Price-quality: c is the cheapest gibson but ca not mean that it is poor quality! it is better now that ca be a good and even that an epiphone gibson les paul studio!! and c gibson is that you have in your hands! and the forward direction is sound, the product, a finish everything!! and the price .... Well it never fall! then it will stay tjs a good guitar!
C-if bin had to be rebuilt the same choice I do it again without hesitation!