Gibson SG Supreme
Gibson SG Supreme

SG Supreme, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

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MGR/Dan 01/23/2004

Gibson SG Supreme : MGR/Dan 's user review

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I got this guitar from opus1 music in Evansville Indiana. It is a great store with plenty of guitars in stock. i paid about $1,800 including tax. I went up there with the intention of buying a les paul classic. I played a couple, and then asked about the sg supreme hanging on the wall. as soon as i pluged it into the amp I knew this was the guitar I had been looking for. The les paul's were great, but the sound, and look of this guitar just blew the les paul out of contention.

In one word "EVERYTHING". There is nothing I dont like about this guitar. The finish is flawless and the guitar is built like a rock. On top of that, if you are a fan of AC-DC like I am you will love this as much as me. You can reproduce the tone pearfectly since this guitar comes stock with 57' humbuckers. You can also git it with p-90's but i prefer the humbuckers. The slim taper neck is just perfect it is really fast and is awsome to play.

Threr's nothing not to like.

Like I said these things are built like a rock. The sg supremes come with beautiful AA grade maple body. Mine has the fireburst finish which is great. The fret markers are split dimond as well as the headstock inlay. I have read that the cases that come with some gibsons like the sg and les paul are kinda cheep but, I've found nothing wrong with the one that came with my guitar. Infact the case is really well built compared to the cases that come with a few other brands of guitars.

This is a great guitar and if you are lookig into purchasing a new instrument deffinatly look at an sg. If you play one you will be hooked. Gibson which in my opinion is the best guitar manufacturer, has outdone itself when making this guitar. There are a few things that i sugust you buy with this guitar, a pack of Luthier's Choice guitar polish because this guitars finish is really beautifull but requires alot of up-keep to keep it looking great, the next thing is a microfiber cloth wich is the best thing you can use to get rid of fingerprints because the nitro-cellulose finish showes them clearly, the final thing is a good set of strap locks. This guitar isn't as bad about loosing a strap as a les paul but it still happens, so spend the $30.00 or so to keep your $1,800 guitar in good condition. All the things I have mentioned shouldn't run you but about $50 bucks or so. In all this is a great guitar and it will make you proud for as long as you own it. Which should be forever.

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