Gibson SG Supreme
Gibson SG Supreme

SG Supreme, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

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MGR/Golem 10/21/2008

Gibson SG Supreme : MGR/Golem's user review

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Samll ensemble, female vocalist, ballads, showtunes, bloozes, etc. I've been at it about 10 yrs [Ms Diva, maybe 10,000 yrs].

Bought on clearance at local GC. It was marked way down, and there was a 20% off any single item sale, but I don't recall just how cheap that figgers up.

I've always liked the sound of short scale basses, and this one sounded better than any other I've ever tried.

Killer tone from this passive mini-ax, and huge output, uses less gain on the amp knob than any other ax, even monster active basses like EBMM and Spector. This matters more to me on a passive ax, cuz they are more vulnerable to AC and RF noise ... so the less you hafta turn up, the less you hear any noise. Hardly hafta turn this one just off the zero :-)

Offers a wide range of sounds, maybe cuz the PUs are so far apart.

It looks cool and is well balanced and easy to play. After you file the saddle notches to match the FB radius, the 3-point bridge allows you to change action height on a whim without losing that radius. E-string post is a decent distance from the nut.

I shouldn't hafta file the FB radius into the bridge saddle notches. It should already be there. I prefer bolt-on necks, but thaz personal preference. Same with my preference for a PU fader instead of two volume knobs. The front strap pin is on the back of the body. Not the most secure way to go, but I just screw the strap on with a big washer and then it's safe. There's really no deal killers here.

Body is divided front and back equally, with a maple front and limba back. Set neck is mahogany. Has two different styles of 'vintage' humbuggers, with the neck PU VERY close to the neck [touching it].

Typical VVT passive controls, 2x2 headstock with big duck foot keys. Output jack is on the front, which I happen to like. YMMV.

Except for having to file the saddles to the FB radius, no complaints about the build, and the finishing is really good.

Overall, this is a really great ax, at a really fair price. Maybe the passive tone chain holds the price line but it's got an amazing degree of tone options. Nowhere above did I think to mention that it only weighs 7.5 lb. Thaz not just the icing on the cake. Thaz a whole extra dessert !

If the Fender Mustang was this good, it would sell like free beer and pizza, cuz it's a Fender, even tho short scales aren't all that mainstream these days. But Gibson just isn't a big name in basses, and it's a short scale, and so it's kinda a secret how good this ax is.

BTW, it's smaller than the Mustang in every direction, as well as lighter. It's more like the Epi RumbleKat, but more versatile and feels more friendly.

I'm gonna ignore having to file the saddles cuz everything else about it is amazing for a such a simple [and mid-priced] bass. So it gets rated the full 5.

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