Gibson SG Standard 2013 w/ Min-ETune
Gibson SG Standard 2013 w/ Min-ETune

SG Standard 2013 w/ Min-ETune, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.


Gibson SG Standard 2013 w/ Min-ETune : Anonymous 's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
Serious violin. Very attractive in this particular patent "heritage cherry", which is an elegant dark red.
No failure in the hoop or in the assembly or in the nail polish.
The tuners are good.
The standard model 2013 has 57 classic, it's good, they are my favorite pickups.
Another feature is the pick guard right side only with reference to models of 60's
I did not choose the model with the robotic tuner.


Playing comfort:
Stings a little nose but with a wide belt that holds the shoulder, no problem to play standing.
Its lightness is everything
The handle is a highway is the second asset. Never found such a fast race.


Sound characteristics of the SG, even if I do not have a lot of experience of this model.
Ie mid and high dominant, favored by the combination
mahogany (neck) / mahogany (body). Warm tones, powerful, loaded media

In a Vox AC with a slight overdrive, the happiness, the ultimate rock!
Powerful sound.

Good amp essential lights
The clean is not bad, and lowering the neck pickup tone I manage very well to get a jazzy sound.


It satisfies me perfectly! I use it for 1 1/2 months

I never imagined buying a SG there a few years ago.

For rehearsals, the game standing. For blues, rock, she is perfect.
For 57 classic mic to handle the rapid
For aesthetics
To be heard even if the drummer hits hard ;)
Guitar tool, practical, beautiful and provides!

Excellent value for money
Yes I would do this choice