Harley Benton S-200

S-200, SG-Shaped Guitar from Harley Benton.

Meuh_gné 06/20/2005

Harley Benton S-200 : Meuh_gné's user review


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I guess it has t made in Korea
25 fret neck Humbucker pickups base "made in HB"
is a volume one tone knob micro
bah a wooden handle anything!
k'ai not too much to give a note when I put ca 6


the handle is quite large, quite thick and a little Vaseline on your hands avbant to play would be welcome in order to make good Demanche ^ ^
then yes everything is very easy access to acute even if one has large hands
balance remains relatively perpendicular to the body qand not you touch
sound, good is not very versatile and it depends mostly on the amp with this kind of scratching


I play black metal, metal, rock anything that is played with heavy distortion
I play on a 100 watt yorkville
its clear, scratch out the sound quite listenable, especially in the high, you get sound almost equivalent to a BC Rich Bronze in clean
but it is in its saturated its gets complicated: that it does well as the selection micro acute qar when we play in micro serious, it's rough
the sound comes out very well (still micro high) has a good potato, but I find it too CARREMENT chemical on the string of is almost a synth dir!
for now I did not test with other effects but I think it could be pretty good


I received it today, I do not know if it will hold, we must admit that unlike my BC Rich, I would not bullied too much ...
I like body weight not unbalanced at all, finishing the settings much sensitive
report quality unbeatable price (89 euros on thomann)
I think not because I probably over budget later, but for a scratch broke as me and I say it's perfect OUIIIIIIII