LTD Viper-100FM
LTD Viper-100FM

Viper-100FM, SG-Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Standard Viper series.

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Fishy_fr 12/23/2004

LTD Viper-100FM : Fishy_fr's user review


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Everything is there ;-)

The whole gives an impression of quality, the finish is pretty neat, but good will of course do with age (I did that for two weeks).


-The handle: very nice and quick, rather wide and round, so it might not appeal to Ibanezeux.
-Access to acute: as on all guitars as they are exellent SG, you can access without any problem with the last boxes of the neck (except possibly celes my low E string but hey let's not quibble)
-Weight: guitar quite heavy, unless of course lespaul heavy but still, a good place for her but you'll have your back muscles.
-Ergonomics: sitting (not CLAA) Nothing to say very comfortable but given the weight the guitar has a tendency to cut your leg in half, but once again I quibble
Standing, it has an SG case: the balance is more than average and it's pretty whine: I have to the ballast for what does not sting the nose which adds even more.

So for the balance problem I put 8 / 10, the rest = all good!


Aahh you get to the good Cathegory!

Fast forward to the clear sound without being exeptional but is good enough.
Moton pe a saturation to get to the crunch sounds and you begin to understand why this guitar is made: the big sound!
Distortion in the two double humbuckers quil feel what his property were in the womb: the sound is powerful, precise well balanced, short, a wonder!

Level versatility, the selector 3 position (1,2,1 2) and the few available settings (no microphones and split) suggest the worst, but playing well and the tone knob you can really get a wide range of sounds .

In short if you want a big sound very sharp (metal or rock) is the top and as I do I put a well deserved 10/10.


- How long have you use it? 2 weeks of happiness
- What is so special that you like most and least? SOUND / / balance
- With experience, you do again this choice? ... we'll see when lexperience java.

To sum up a guitar to sound terrible, and look beautiful (in my gur)
If you're used forms SG and if the lack of balance when standing do not pose a problem, go for it!