Ludwig Drums Vistalite Snare
Ludwig Drums Vistalite Snare

Vistalite Snare, Snare Drum from Ludwig Drums.

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moosers 01/18/2010

Ludwig Drums Vistalite Snare : moosers's user review


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The Ludwig Vistalite is a model of a full set of drums brought to you by one of the best in the business.<span> </span>Let me start off by saying that I’m not a drummer myself, but as an audio engineer have encountered and recorded all sorts of different drum sets and drummers.<span> </span>I don’t think I’ve ever recorded a Ludwig drum kit where I wasn’t happy with the end product, as I believe they make very high quality, reliable, and great sounding drums in general.<span> </span>While I’ve mostly used vintage Ludwigs, as I do believe they have the best sound, this modern kit does a pretty good job of matching up with its predecessors.<span> </span>They are definitely a bit cleaner and less ragged in general, which is a good or a bad thing totally depending on what type of sound that you’re going for.<span> </span>My findings with this drum kit were that it cut through the mix very well in the end, as everything from the snare to the tom toms to the kick as a full and well rounded sound.<span> </span>The drummers that I’ve worked with who used the kit were definitely pleased with it as well, both in terms of the sounds, and it was noted that they felt comfortable behind the kit in general.<span> </span>They usually brought in their own snare drum, or we used a different in house snare, but I never heard a complaint about any of the other drums on the kit.<span> </span>I’m really not sure exactly what kind of price range the Ludwig Vistalite drum kit goes for, but I would imagine being that it is a pretty immaculate kit, it probably isn’t cheap.<span> </span>This being said, if you’re looking for a great drum set with a name brand or not, the Ludwig Vistalite is absolutely worth checking out.