PDP Pacific Drums and Percussion 805 Snare 10" x 6"

805 Snare 10" x 6", Snare Drum from PDP Pacific Drums and Percussion.

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BGugino 07/28/2008

PDP Pacific Drums and Percussion 805 Snare 10" x 6" : BGugino's user review


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I used this snare drum for a pretty long session at an audition that I was just at. They were using this as the main snare drum, which I found different (being that it’s only 10”), but as a surprise, it worked. There were some pretty good things, and some bad things that I found about this drum in this context, and I am willing to share it all!

To my surprise, this drum actually worked decently as a main snare. I’m not too sure what model head was put on there, but it was made by Evens. The tuning seemed pretty standard, but man did that thing crack. It also wasn’t as high pitched as you would think, because it’s only 10 inches. Later I found out that the drum was made from maple inner and outer plies with select hardwood internal plies. Thus the reasoning for not being so high pitched. Great idea by the makers of this drum!

Now time for the bad aspects of this drum. Now you must read this part very carefully, because I’m going to talk about how this drum didn’t perform too well when it was being used as a MAIN snare. This snare drum didn’t seem too versatile when it comes to being used as a main snare drum. But if you’re looking for a specific high pitched, cracking sound (many times used in punk music) this is the right drum. But for getting a “Big” rock sound out of this drum, better luck looking somewhere else.

PDP has never really let me down in any department; you just have to know how to use the equipment right. Due to its size, this drum is meant as an auxiliary snare drum, not a main one. I cannot really help you out when it comes to using it as an auxiliary snare drum, but I can tell you that when it comes to a main snare, this drum actually did pretty well. Not necessarily recommended for s main snare drum, but I definitely didn’t see anything wrong with it.