Yamaha akira jimbo
Yamaha akira jimbo

akira jimbo, Snare Drum from Yamaha.

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Talouman 01/24/2007

Yamaha akira jimbo : Talouman's user review


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Buy environ5 years ago, when testing of a cymbal (in the cabin of a famous Parisian store drumkit) I have tried several cymbals and every time I jou this fund, j 'I finally take the plunge and drop the 450 (the era).
EXTRAS: The look is bright, comfortable strapping maple rim shot and Co. (resistent the onslaught with little PForm)
Cons: sound in thought about taking a microphone stand, the strapping refuse your clips;). The tie rods built, some cls does not. Do not play with sticks or other carbon under penalty of having to buy back straps.
SOUND: For me it is a fund that allows many places almost to transfer the tom so we like to play it.
I play also on PEARL Sensitone custom brass alloy 14x6 1 / 2, the CC of my junior kit (12 "). I admit I rarely use the Yamaha concert or RPET, the sound being quite Typically, the Pearl allows me melt a little more DIFFERENT styles. But ds that I get the chance I go with my yamaha kit and have a blast.
The report quality Price: $ 5 years ago (120 +);)

With the experience .... I think I would not have other models of the era was during my tests. I asked the price to the seller once told myself (ok I take it a body p. ...).