PG Music Band in a Box 2009
PG Music Band in a Box 2009

Band in a Box 2009, Software Arranger from PG Music in the Band In A Box series.

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PG Music Band in a Box 2009 Updated

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PG Music has updated Band-in-a-Box Version 2009 to Build 282 (Beta).

Summary of Changes for Build 282:
  • Fixed: BarVolume data and some other settings weren't saving if Melody or Soloist track was a RealChart.
  • Improved: For search and replace, if no rest or push is mentioned in the "replace with" chord, then it will just preserve whatever pushes/rests are there.

Summary of Changes for Build 281:
  • Added: Higher Bank Patch Support added. (Support for Higher bank Patches, names displayed, Change of patch at any bar (f5), songs and styles can be stored with these patches). If you use a synth like the Ketron, and like to use higher patches that are not GM or GM2, then these features should be useful to you.
  • Improved: OpenPrefsFile, insures certain values are set to defaults (mainly useful when loading in older versions of prefs)
  • Fixed: Undo-Open Prefs File now has correct label "Undo Open Preferences"
  • Fixed: Render was sometimes regenerating some tracks
  • Improved: Freeze/Unfreeze improved. Generates the bt0 stretch file at end of freeze, better messages, faster.
  • Added: Verify RealTracks, RealDrums option added. Accesses as a button in the RealTracks Settings dialog. This utility function checks current RealTracks& RealDrums folders. It verifies that File dates are the same, and BT0 (tempo stretch) files are correct. It takes ~5 minutes, and produces a report in a Checkbt0.txt file (notepad).
  • Fixed: F5 dialog, entering style changes was not working in some builds.
  • Added: Realtracks assign dialog now displays more information when a RealTracks is N/A.
    o To be available, a Realtracks must have the Realtracks folder (RT Folder), and the ST2 (Soloist) file in the BB Folder.
    o If neither is found, "N/A" is displayed.
    o If only the RealTracks folder is missing, "N/A RT Folder" is displayed.
    o If RealTracks folder is found, but xxxxx.ST2 file is missing from BB folder then N/A xxxx.ST2 is displayed (where xxxx is the name of the missing ST2 file).
  • Added: The following improvements have been made to the Higher Bank Patches support in Band-in-a-Box:
    o Patch name is displayed on screen for higher bank patches.
    o F5 dialog can now use higher bank patches, (enable "show higher bank patches" in this dialog). Choose patch name using dialog, or type in numbers.
    o If used for melody or soloist patches, these settings are automatically saved with the song (for other parts bass/drum/piano/guitar/strings you need to enter Save w/Patches dialog,and type FILL w/PATCHES).
    o In the save with Patches dialog, pressing "Fill with Patches" now also selects the save with banks option.
    o Notation window (leadsheet and printout) displays the patch name
    o Using the + button for higher bank patches sets the patches on the screen as well.
    o Button added in higher bank dialog, to get more PAT files by connecting to
    o Styles can store patch changes using Higher Banks.

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