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PG Music For Mac Updated

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PG Music Band in a Box 2009
News PG Music Band in a Box 2009

PG Music has updated the Mac version of Band-in-a-Box 2009 to Build 5.


* Added: Support added for running the program as a standard user (non admin account):
1. Read/Write permissions set for Band-in-a-Box folder by the installer.
2. If permissions are not set, then messages are displayed.
3. Further information available here.
* Added: Complete 2009 PDF manual.
* Added: File Open, and Song Open by Title dialog default to the last folder used, instead of “Songs”.
* Added: Songs/styles with RealTracks on the drums part (and no Drum part) now get a drum count-in. e.g. Bluegrass styles like _BG_BAND.STY.
* Added: Style demos (accessed via the StylePicker, Song Demo button) are now found if they are in Songs folder, and work for Styles Sets 0–3.
* Added: Top menus are no longer abbreviations like S, they say Styles, etc.
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