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DN540 Creative Quad Compressor

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Klark Teknik DN540 Creative Quad Compressor
News Klark Teknik DN540 Creative Quad Compressor

Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from Klark Teknik

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Klark Teknik has launched the DN540 Creative Quad Compressor, one of two new products in a brand new series.

The DN540 features four channels of compression into a 1U chassis.

Features of the KT DN540 include:

•    Quad channel compressor
•    Ease of use, requiring minimum set up to produce excellent results
•    “Harmonic Enhancement” presence control to correct loss of detail and intelligibility during compression without increasing noise or likelihood of feedback
•    Extremely low noise and distortion levels
•    Sonic design which has been “tuned by ear” to produce extremely transparent compression
•    Advanced envelope generator with manual controls for creative dynamic effects
•    Intuitive controls for all functions contributing to output levels
•    Easily identifiable bypass, solo and other major switches, with status LEDs
•    Channel linking with true power summing to provide true threshold setting for stereo material
•    External sidechain inputs
•    Roadworthy 1U chassis
•    Balanced inputs and outputs
•    Auto switching power supply

Applications of the new KT DN540 include:

•    Protecting signal paths from amplitude overload
•    Improving the apparent power of signals when an artists’ performance is a little too dynamic
•    Maintaining a stable signal level to help an instrument sit within a mix
•    Changing the percussive timbre of an instrument to enhance impact
•    Compressing a mix so that it maintains a stable signal level (typically to make it sound louder)
•    Changing the percussive timbre of a mix to make it sound fuller and to enhance impact
•    Frequency conscious compression to remove unwanted sibilance or undesired tonal artefacts via external sidechain

Check out www.klarkteknik.com and www.boschcommunications.com for more info.
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