Native Instruments Komplete 4
Native Instruments Komplete 4

Komplete 4, Computer Music software bundle from Native Instruments in the Komplete series.

electik 10/17/2007

Native Instruments Komplete 4 : electik's user review


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I use version 3 for two years and version 4 for a year with the Kore interface of the same brand.
The installation as usual in NI, is not really simple, clear, fast, no bugs ... No, it's a mess in every sense. But hey, it's worth taking head because frankly it's heavy.

With Komplete 4 and Kore, you have a simply amazing range of sounds and ... unprecedented! and most importantly, sounds like nothing else but without being "colored" to the death such as Reason, for example.
You make a whole song with only Komplete: no one will realize
You make a complete song with only Reason: Well it sound Reason and it shall mean.
In short, the whole range of instruments included in this plug Komplete 4 are incredibly rich sound and allow to address virtually all styles of music with nothing. Early weakness may come sampled instruments that are a little behind compared to specialized banks in a particular instrument. But hey, I still found much better than the instruments that are sampled Reason really means.
I just made the upgrade to 3 battery that could make me forget that BFD is very CPU-intensive (and disk space!) And in battery, there are all the electro kits and other oddities that are worth visiting . Friends drummer with a drum electro, try it now!
Updated as to FM8 FM7 does not replace but complements it perfectly with a range of more modern sound and a killer arpeggiator!
Finally, my favorite, the new massive if we take the time to tame it, sort of sounds incredible flexible in all directions.
Absynth 4, and of course you can leave the sounds of space and not just for composers of film music.

Nothing to say about Akoustik and Elektrik piano are a very good job. There are more banks in some samples, but it's very good and quite sufficient for most prods.
B4 II is for me the best organ emulation market. Very expressive and very rich in various organ sound. Very good emulation of the Leslie and overdrive.
Reaktor is difficult to learn, but a must for all lovers of electro sounds strange and unique.
Pro 53 is a bit dated compared to more recent achievements of the competition but there are unavoidable sounds.
Kontakt sampler is the ultimate software that can do everything but is a bit complicated to handle and which bank management akai is a bit tedious (no PFL) I use Halion rather for banks Akai

For effects, just guitar rig 2 can do incredible things all the sound sources and not just the guitars!

In short, I love music because it is rich.
I sold all my PC hardware to go with Komplete and Kore and I am not disappointed. No midi and audio cables everywhere, no need for a break to carry everything by repeating or live, simplicity of the computer world to create and save their own banks, opening to the future, scalability, etc.. ..

Still, some say that a computer live, hello risk of a crash!
Well with all own a computer with just installed Komplete and Kore (plus a few drivers and plug the sound card) and of any crash in a year ...
Beware though, many of these plugs are (very) hungry CPU and RAM. Grosse config necessary.

9 / 10 for the installation which is a torture!

electik ( )