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Cort Solid Body Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Cort '70s - no reference

    Cort '70s - no reference - argavaen's review


    While country of origin I do not know at all, Cort is made in Korea it seems to me, but no info on this model than thirty years. A rather short sleeve is a small frame, with 21 frets. 2 microphones with a single volume knob and a button for eac…

  • Cort G254

    Cort G254 - fredvtg's review


    I have a MODEL Ambr (orange flash from a distance, we like it or not!) Contrairementaux other models referred to here, the nut dema G254est METAL with small wheels. I have this guitar it reu ya6 years of a friend who bought a new one. In all,…

  • Cort M200

    Cort M200 - zicopilote's review


    See below ... UTILIZATION Guitar super fun to use, and flawless manufacturing (at least for mine, a 2006). Not a weapon of war, but sounds clean, very good shovel given its price and its microphones. The violin should be responsible ... Ha…

  • Cort EVL-X4

    Cort EVL-X4 - marvel33's review


    This is a guitar made in Korea I believe, like many other guitar of the same brand. -24 Frets and not 22! , Power cord, flat handle, - 2 EMG HZ H4 humbucker and a single EMG HZ S3 -A mahogany body type strat Floyd-type vibrato -1 Volume, 1 …

  • Cort X-6

    Cort X-6 - micke33's review


    Everything has been said, Korea, 24 frets, 2Double splitables a simple, floyd (partculier) see below, microphones rather well, very well stick. UTILIZATION As I said the stick is exellent with a very easy access to acute, the shape is beautiful, …

  • Cort KX-Custom

    Cort KX-Custom - Rhylaxk's review


    Manufacture: Korea 24 frets Seymour Duncan SH1 ('59) and SH4 (JB) (HH) Volume Tone (push-pull efficient Easel tonepro Mechanical wraps (also works well Weight (very important and too often forgotten for testing and feedback!) = 3.3 kg, …

  • Cort X-11

    Cort X-11 - nc's review


    Previous commentary like. Except, I A model with EMG-HZ pickups. The table Saddle Flamm (imitation plating) is magnificent. All of cls rglages are provided. However: Drools-painting a little, especially at the mounting hole and the head rou…

  • Cort Stature 115

    Cort Stature 115 - lsotis's review


    See review below. Everything is very correct, so for the price, and only for the saddle, it is a very good note UTILIZATION The neck is super fun to play, it glides on its own. Well, I'm not a Schreder either. Access to acute ... bin as a str…

  • Cort Z42

    Cort Z42 - blackhorse's review


    I possde diffrent a version with a new head and a bevel least exagrbr /> as the photo Audiofanzine, the label of APRS Control is the 2008 version! The body looks more like a PRS that a Lespaul! good ergonomics. Dj t everything said about the d…

  • Cort X-6

    Cort X-6 - topoleff's review


    Always the Core, like other Ditto, 24 cases, floyd, splitables 2 doubles + 1 single, 1 volume 1 tone UTILIZATION Channel agrble trs (I like the slides of the varnish). Access in acute very easy. Ergonomics standard strato, weight slightly lev…