Fender FM 212R
alexis05 04/05/2012

Fender FM 212R : alexis05's user review

" a practice amp"

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everything was already said and for the price I think it's okay


use is very simple. was clear that I personally do not have this amp but I'm in a music school and so I plugged it all day! for what is a good sound I'll make it simple it all depends on the instrument plugged in and the player of course, the équalo is not very efficient but clear distortion can range ca. for simplicity I consider this amp as a practice amp and work that is to say that you can spend hours playing on it has any ways has any fingers priority


it does not fit all style but any ways the principle of this amp is not be great but to be correct for the money thing is still quite good, I for one am a fan of extreme metal and parallel jazz and bossa nova. So plugged it around four hours per day for the time he did not give me the clean sound completely drunk is pretty well plugged according to the guitar played with a strat us it was very good although the reverb is quite ugly for I play my part jeff loomis schecter a and Kirk Hammet signature and the same is not the clean unbearable the moment we only play on the micro serious, the distortion is falling fast in the bumble bee but is used according to the type of game but like I said depending on the guitarist's amp sounds very good.


So I use the past 8 months 4 h per day personally I play on a engl invader, a screamer and regularly on a powerball and I tried a variety of amp vox ac30 any type, roland jazz chorus, mesa recto ... the feature that I like most is the next work is a work that ranges all over the plain as disto do not chasms ears as some would (refer to line 6 spider) this I like the least is the breath that comes from the distortion over the knob of 5-6 guain équalo the inefficient and the reverb value for price is right but both have a year's work I prefers the micro cube less powerful but more enjoyable with the experience that I've done I do not buy it