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tjyderrien 07/27/2005

Fender FM 15G : tjyderrien's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
It's a transistor amp. There is an EQ low, mid, treble common to both channels. A clear channel and a channel-type saturated distortion (not overdrive!).
We can adjust the gain of the channel distortion. There is a reverb model would have preferred. It's not exactly that of the photo. Mine has a stereo RCA input, called Aux In, which operates the amplifier as a power amp and speaker, but it blows a lot, and you can not adjust the volume.

Its power is 15W.
powered by a cable like that on your PC.
There is an input jack, headphone jack (with which you can not register, I already made juice).


Great for work in his room. The clean sound is crystal clear. Fender forces.
The distortion is not bad for a 15W, but I use this amp with a guitar ***** so it's not easy to judge.
The EQ works well. The only problem is the breath of distortion and the breath of the RCA.

One can easily get a good sound. I also use it with my electro-acoustic, and there it sounds a minimum.

I have not opened the manual, but I think it is more succinct. on the other hand, there must Register on site warranty for Fender, and Fender is given a card by mail.


It suits me. I play it with a typical strat Abraham Z '(that's guitar ***** in question), and with Jim Harley Colorado with a dual band quite a hit.

I give to eat of Ibanez TS7 pedal that I like. It warms the sound

The clean sound is good. The distortion can quickly become filthy, but funny at times.


I use this amp since November 2003.
What I like about this amp is that for a basic amp with Fender, he fights well. He has a good sound for power, and a low-end, very good to work.
I do not like is the breath of the Aux in, unable to adjust the volume when using this input, but also the lack of reverb (filled by another model) and especially the failure to take in order to register online without breaking his gear.

The value for money is good. Good amp for work at home. I've never used live. This should be resolved by the start of 2005, in bars, to see.

I would make this choice will be restarted if needed;)