Fender FM 65R
Fender FM 65R

FM 65R, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Frontman series.

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godjira 04/09/2009

Fender FM 65R : godjira's user review


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Value For Money : Correct
Amp transo 65W unadorned.
2 channels: 1 clear / a disto
a properly integrated reverb
2 inputs: the first boosted for passive pickups, the second being for guitars with active pickups
An effects loop (one of my reasons for buying things because I prefer the analog gasworks that simus intégrérs ...). Note that the output of the loop connects to a PC for example to make recordings.
1 power switch (with a bonus switch a little fake ... or sucks)

With regard to any adjustment on clean channel has only treble / bass..mais or is the middle? The disto ... when she was setting out the frequencies of 3 and has more of an option that offers a middle contour full frequency range and textures.

6 / 10 for the switch very cheap, and also a volume control may be a bit too sudden .. I've been playing in the apartment and I am obliged to put a volume pedal output loop to decrease the volume Reviews Summary for hackers ...


Simplissime ... you turn the knobs it sounds ...
The manual? What good


In terms of sound I must say that this little combo I séduit.Mon register is metal, rock, and prog.
For my sessions I play metal degreasing with a Schecter Elite 07 mounted with blackouts in seymour.En assets not exceeding half of the income I get a fairly dynamic and especially its enough to get out of this mix. Note the setting "contour middle" that can change its frequency spectrum and provide distos quite contemporary but also conducive distos fattest rock 70 '

Side its clear j'utilse washburn x50 pro often rise and custom seymour seymour 59.J 'y combines analog effects (chorus, delay, flanger or ...)... and I must say that the sound is clear simply out of a decent Fender amp even cheap! From brilliant creamy, this amp would satisfy jazz phrasing as much as pop arpeggios.

Balance it is worth a 7 ...


I use it for 2 months and he help me much. Unable to benefit from my head to my home amp (Trilogy hk), and although I had initially turned down a Vox Valvetronix (ouch) before finding this little Fender.
The day of my purchase I tested for comparison:
blackstar a 5w (a lamp)
vypyr a peavey 15
a Peavey ValveKing 112 (c was my favorite but I'd inch rounds!)

Correct.disons sufficient value for money
With the experience so I want to repeat over budget.
I particularly recommend to people who want to maintain their game at home, while being able to make repeated group as needed. The 65 watt transo are not lying for the trouble!