Fender FM 65R
Fender FM 65R

FM 65R, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Frontman series.

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albanfrusciante 12/30/2007

Fender FM 65R : albanfrusciante's user review


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The 65R is the best selling combo 65w fender from home
it has a speaker 12 "spcial fender sound that dlivre puissant.L amp possde two entrances, one between footswitch, an effects loop between.
It possde a very nice reverb to my gout.Pour how saturated it possde a button "mid contour switch" that allows for distortion of several modern, otherwise the bass middle treble gain.
Entries power in and power out can hang up a multi taken effect or to couple other amp in order to increase your power.
To clean, no middle of the channel (?)
Basically amp easy to handle,
in +: the footswitch supplied with the amp!
en -: no headphone jack but this amp is made for group and non-jou pa at home.


Archi-simple setup, the knobs and it RULES hop is obtained a good sound.
The manual was not used much, has taken part in the "power in" and "power out"


This amp matches my style of music (60s 70s rock, funk, blues)
I play a Start with dessu, and the pickup selector allows the well-rgl sound.
The light is a wonder rglage (fender!) the saturated is not bad, you can get a good varieties of sound.


I use it for one month, its size is not large trs making it an amp "lugging" the sound to powerful, useful jou group.
Footswitch included! trs trs practice.
I got 198 for nine, it's a jestime trs good quality / price ratio.
With the experience I think I would do this choice