Hughes & Kettner Attax 100 (1993 Series)
Hughes & Kettner Attax 100 (1993 Series)

Attax 100 (1993 Series), Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Hughes & Kettner in the Attax 1993 series.

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sof@surfer 10/05/2005

Hughes & Kettner Attax 100 (1993 Series) : sof@surfer's user review


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This is the old model with the blue facade and enitèrement protected by the midnight blue velvet

Type of amplification:
A lamp preamp (enabled on all configurations)
a transistor amplifier

Rated power: 100W
RMS power: 90W
real power (equivalent tube amp: 30/40W)

2 jack inputs low and high
an effects loop
A switch clean / crunch, CH1 / 2 and mix effects loop

2 channels with independent EQ: clean / crunch and lead1 / 2
clean / crunch: gain clean / crunch gain / bass / middle / treble / clean switch crunch
Lead: gain / bass / middle / treble / volume / switch lead1 lead2
spring reverb
mix effects loop
activation twelve o'clock


Setup is extremely simple, just select the desired channel and adjust the equalization

Optimum sound is obtained in 30 seconds as the manipulatiosn easy! In other words, the manual is superfluous ...

The footswitch is the image of a combo: three simple buttons to switch channels and turn the effects loop


This combo has two strengths: the warmth of the sound and versatility.
The tube preamp works with any configuration and breathes warm sound similar to a combo while lamps. The grain is rich in general, now, the bass and treble stand of mediums. It is helped by the HP celestion 12 inches that supports a good definition of sound.

The equalization performance can work on a wide range of sounds suitable for a wide musqiues style: jazz, reggae, blues, fusion, rock, metal.

By manipulating the mediums, you can get crystal clear sound very bluesy or rather the contrary, fat is desired. The crunch is precise and sensitive, you can get varying degrees of saturation by the action of mediator. We can get sounds approaching those of the LC or laney peavey classic.

The channel will lead the British rock to metal. That said, for those who play the big metal very heavy, I would advise them to opt for rather specialized models. The equalization is effective and brings a broad sound palette. In addition, the Hughes and Kettner reputation is in saturation is well established and its lead is approaching all-tube amps of this trademark.

I will put 9 / 10 because despite the quality of grain, it does not reach that of an all-tube combo


I use it for 7 years with a Yamaha Pacifica 812W and it never let me down ... A recurring phrase in other zikos "but really good sound this amp!" says it all ...

What I like most: The sound is always pleasant, whatever the syle of music is what we demand a high quality amp ...

What I like least: it is rather oriented blues / rock. I play jazz, reggae and funk so I will look into a combo laney, fender or vox

The day I bought it, I also tried a combo marshall any lamp. The Attax sounded 10 times better than the marshall!

Among the hybrid combos for me is by far the best for a really small (bought 500 euros a time). At the last review, the technician was pleasantly surprised by the quality and robustness of electronic ... the good old German stuff!

Vias I change it to an all-tube combo but it will be very hard to have to part with it ... Confirmed for a beginner, it is an excellent choice for group play and forget the first transistor amplifier has no taste ...