Laney WS80R
Laney WS80R

WS80R , Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Laney in the World series.

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bongo666 12/08/2005

Laney WS80R : bongo666's user review


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Combo Amplifier 80 Watts transistors.
No effect.
2 caneaux: a clear, an overdrive. Each of the reverb.
Spring reverb.
In / out effects loop, headphone jack, Line Out.
Fottswitch to control the reverb and channel switching, or one or the other or both.
Possibility to make some buttons (push / pull) to boost the sound.


Configuration archi-simple style .. amp
This gives the clear sound very easy DSIR.
Section distortion is not great if one seeks a sound metal. The sound is modulated trs, but never become violent. However I got was adapted, in drop tuning. Trs good channel to rock to blues.


The clean channel makes sounds absolutely gorgeous. O caches are the lamps?
we can shape at will. It sounds like Fender's mid-range, but it's not Fender, but not least, it is much cheaper.
The sound remains clear even at high volume, which is not always the case.
The Distortion channel by not merely against mtalleux not, even if the Disto is hot enough, can be perfectly suitable for solos, fast or not.
Use 2 cranberry at the same time may fall within the gadget, but refining the sound you end up with other sounds alluring.
Shred saturated with my Master, I end up with a sound palette is quite extraordinary.
The reverbs are good trs, it is more enjoyable to be able to spare.

In short, to the old Bonner gugurre Peavey - Laney, the question to ask is: does it sound clear?
If so, choose Laney, if it is for buggers, choose a Peavey ... But if we can saturate the first with a good distortion pedals, you can not do anything for the second for clean sounds


I use it for more than 10 years. Being now a home studio (and dad), I do not go out only rarely. But he did a lot of concert, dj t "overheating", and the speaker is always l.
The report quality price trs interresting, as it seems to have hidden somewhere lamps, as it is versatile.