Peavey Backstage
Peavey Backstage

Backstage, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey in the TransTube series.

yoTrakkz 11/08/2011

Peavey Backstage : yoTrakkz's user review

« can get muddy »

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I have the Peavey Backstage amp for a very long time, I have had a 75watt Peaveyr since the old version and they are very heavy guitar amps, during my first two years learning how to play I used this and it is a massive bang for the buck. When I hear the sound that comes out of this amp I am blown away, I just sit and play and get memorized by the sound and before I know it 5 hours have passed.


It comes with tons of effects for any playing style, on a scale of 1-10 for how much distortion, this amp gets a solid 8, the distortion is mad at lower levels but when you start cranking this powerhouse amp up it gets really intense, sometimes so intense you can't even hear your mids or treble anymore, that is a big downside to this amp, the sound starts to get muddy at high levels, I wouldn't use it for gigging for this reason, the other con to this is the sound can sound sort of digital like it isn't natural distortion, to bassy at times.


I was never able to get the tone I have been craving for, mad house rocking distortion with clarity, the speaker just cuts out the mids and makes it sound to distorted. The good news is that this only happens at ridiculous sound levels, like gigging, if you are using this as a practice amp than it will suit you perfectly.


Overall, it is worth every penny , the verdict is still out on which electric guitar to buy. So if your guitar is good and you match it with this amp you are going to be shocked by the sound that comes out of it. You will love this amp, it has been out for a while now and a lot of stores online are selling them pretty cheap!