Peavey Bandit 112 II (Made in China) (Discontinued)
Peavey Bandit 112 II (Made in China) (Discontinued)

Bandit 112 II (Made in China) (Discontinued), Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey in the Bandit series.

Baldrn 11/12/2005

Peavey Bandit 112 II (Made in China) (Discontinued) : Baldrn's user review


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80w / 100w
2 channels: lead (3 modes, EQ gain volume) clean (2modes, EQ volume)
1 Gnrale presence
1 pota to the lamp Sim (analog)
2 between hi and low
1 effects loop
1 output for extension
1 direct input into the amp (for the pre-amp zapp)
1 footswitchable channel and effects loop
the trash peavey logo better than the old one, wouaihhh !!!


The config is very simple: I chose the method that I prefer per channel (modern, vintage to clean, and HiGain, modern, vintage to lead) a pitite qualization channels, presence and reverb and round is played!


WARF !!! l I t really surprised when I first use, it has me ready for a concert, I immediately acroch suddenly two weeks after I sold my old comobos for my joyful Bandit!
More seriously:
it sounds clean, net, for cons there is no adjustment for the presence of just clean what would have hardly fair cresiller history to have OD of origin.
the difference between the vintage and modern fashion is subtle, a slight heat for the vintage, but there is nothing to toast a fair merguez it.
wow! I love the, well you tell me that this is the transistor, it takes breaks (dsl for spelling ... I have gap) has roared! warmly synthetically or it is you who secure the 3 modes are typs here is give you a range of friendly sonority:
Vintage: are bold BigMuff style
modern: the sound of maintenand what ... in the style of a two (good will is not one when memeu)
HiGain: wiiinnnnnnn !!! attention to feedback, and grat with high nv out! good is when drinking the same but I do not use it too much, it sounds scoop what!
if there is a gain of pota, volume, and EQ.

master level, there is no nal volume (bad). Both pota, presence and tube emulation is not used much in my opinion change when I turn the sonority is very subtle (bis).
but is a very proper reverb! and two modes! I think at the spring tension!
overall it sounds not bad and the little reverb has spring is terrible is good sound cheap for wholesale!


I love it, I use it for 6 months, aa t immediately the cost of lightning, amps tolerates the tuning of my grat (CGCFAD) it really restores my sound.
resum in:

the +:
the sound! for an amp of this range!
the different modes especially lead!
the original footswitch
the effects loop
the output for a speaker
the beautiful little reverb

no adjustment of volume Gnral
no small overdrive on clean (basic style combo marshall)
can a heavy (hey yes I am a little)

Finally, I bought a ocaz of 280, it sounds very good for the price and for a transistor!