Peavey Studio Pro 112 (Transtube)
Peavey Studio Pro 112 (Transtube)

Studio Pro 112 (Transtube), Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey in the TransTube (Discontinued) series.

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Nonostar 02/01/2013

Peavey Studio Pro 112 (Transtube) : Nonostar's user review

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- Transistor despite the name 'TRANSTUBE'
- 65W
- 2 channels clean and lead with separate equalizer.
- Spring reverb
- Send return loop
- 2 inputs (HighGain / low gain)
- 1 external speaker output
- No Footswitch
- 2800F nine in 1995
- Made in USA


It is quite powerful and is suitable for rehearsals and small venues.
Really super tough, latest models manufactured in the USA (after it is "designed in usa", then all china ...)
Equalization per channel, switch "bright" that boosts the treble (especially in nice clear sound, the treble "slamming" well). An effects loop handy.
The lead channel has a PreGain postgain and in addition there is another switch "gain" if switched to add even more gain, and if that is not enough, another switch "trash" which delves deeper into the mediums and adds a little gain ...


The clean sound is really not bad, but lacks a bit of low medium.
The lead channel is best suited for interstellar graoux, little shade, it's violent, not 70's rock crunch or possible ... The grain adapts any, sharp and acute lower wrap well.

By once again against the clean channel to the top transistor is a little too neutral maybe. With good effect pedals is happiness.

One problem though: it crackles a lot and always has


Still works for 18 years, despite the beer, vomit, kicks, falls, transport, etc.. Good crash knobs a bit.
It is a tank.