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Pignose G40V
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« Pignose G40V »

Publié le 09/06/02 à 15:00
I bought this wholesale for like 250 dollars.

The tubes are sweet for such a cheap unit, they sound good undistorted. The thing is so loud, it can really haul ass.

The first time I tried to mess around with my settings, I got confused by the lack of a distortion knob or button. In order for you to get distortion out of it, you must twiddle with the volume and master knobs, no small feat because unless it is perfect, it will just bitch and whine at you until you fix it.

The thing is built rock solid, with open back construction and a nice leather-over-wood finish.

If you dont have a distortion pedal, and you want distortion, I don't reccoment this to you. However, if you have effect units at your disposal, and you want a cheap thumper, I say go for it.

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