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qwerty26 12/01/2003

Ross RG 10 : qwerty26's user review


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Audience: Beginners
and saturated clear channel manually
preamp and amp
acute, medium, severe
headphone ...
There is a light design on the box (tube blaster), but we do not care about your face ... TDA is a poor found in trade for no more than 40 bullets to the unit.


Shit ...


It must be suitable for the satanic music ...
In the era I was using it with a squier stratocaster ... poor guitar. Jamia I heard his sweet melody ... plus I did not play.
say that clean channel has a volume = 3 or 4, does not saturate ca ...

shit ...


Shit ...
bought 11 years ago, he cram two times ... which time a warranty ... and impossible to get hold of the electrical plans. Moreover, if the ref knows qq ADD?? because the moment he walks 2 minutes then stops ... There is more support, ROSS no longer exists.
An advantage, it was the cheapest guitar I started qd.
a drawback, but I have nothing gonna change ...

For beginners, I recommend waiting qq SAVE time and buy something else.