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HardMetal 04/22/2004

Squier SP-10 : HardMetal's user review


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Caution is the one in the case of a low-end Amli trs:

HP 8 "
2 channels clean / gain
Gain knob
knob for bass and trebble
jack guitar
headphone jack

It is clear that for beginners learning to his room c nikel.


We can use easier, there's only 4 knobs.
The level it is easy to get what we can see from the rglage possible.
I had no manual on the amp but hey let's admit that there is no need
Go for simplicity 10/10


So the plot thickens. If you be beginners bin you'll find a lot especially in gain, just to show off with the distortion.

As long as you play on a habitu oyez suprieur amp (like me with my Bandit) ben you will quickly hurt the ears! It's horrible to gain pushed back. If you have power over mics I tell you no, you'd think the speaker is going to explode.

Finally I repeated, low-end amp trs IDAL for large beginners.


The've always had my c beginners amp. Nikel ds to play and learn trankilou his room without carrying around 25kg. Report qualitprix justification.

Here I recommend it without counsel, while dpend of what you do and your expectations