Tech 21 Power Engine 60 1x12
Tech 21 Power Engine 60 1x12

Power Engine 60 1x12, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Tech 21 in the Power Engine series.

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StefBee 05/03/2005

Tech 21 Power Engine 60 1x12 : StefBee's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
60 W transistor amplifier, the sound "neutral," an HP possdant Celestion 12 ".
Between 6.3 mm jack or XLR, Output XLR connectors look for the HP ct (connection from below!)
3 mini Tone knobs for the volume to 1


Nothing more simple, plug and play your prampli. If necessary, be corrected by the sound lgrement SETTING THE Tone.
Like all of these combos, the sound is very directional. It should be straight in the face for all acute.


What must be understood first and foremost is that this amp is for guitarists using a multi-effect-prampli incorporating a simulator HP.
All sounds seem accessible.


I use it for two weeks, and I wonder why you waited so long before I DCID (thank you AudioFanzine).
I was using before my GT-6 (multi-effect) on a Fender amp branch 85 and also a Marshall Valvestate (according to locals). But the problem that each amp gave silent sound compltement Different. So I juggled with the simulation of HP multi-effects, sometimes active, sometimes not.
Now it's easy, always ON, and is really your exact gnial. The clean sounds, the crunch and big distos sound of thunder!
Dlivre power is HUGE. I rarely Exceeds 1 / 3 the volume of scne.
Report quality / price excellent condition possder the prampli appropriate.
And I would do if the choice?? Yes, indeed a stro deuxime to play?? It would be INTERESTED, I think!
Oh, one more thing gnial the weight! Not too heavy, not too big and look trs sympa!