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Behringer Virtube VT100FXH
Behringer Virtube VT100FXH
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SlapKid SlapKid

«  Wonderful! »

Publié le 09/10/10 à 14:37
head two channels / four sounds with built-in effects and reverb, more mixable effects loop parallel to the front.
The effects are fixed, 4 variations by type, mixable. Adjustable reverb separately, overall.
VTC overall circuit switchable, line-out drive for uncompensated another power amp with speaker, line output compensated for mixing desk or recorder, headphone jack (cut hp), CD input.
Footswitch included for channel / effects. The amp remembers for effects, so if you have a clear sound without delay and with saturax, well trigger the switch channel is enough, no need to dance the tarantella.

4ohms 100w sub, therefore pif 70w into 8. Standing fan, not really noisy but at home it's not great, I have modified to cut it when I want. Do not forget to turn it back again, of course!

Besides this the fan head is no noise, nothing, no noise signal, which is absolutely remarkable!


Simple and clear, two options for its channel, preset effects, the loop in front mixable, two equalizers, the vtc, because everything is going very effective one quickly understands what you do.
The loop has a level switch pedal / studio, very useful to avoid overloading a delay pedal for example. Although parallel she nibbles a bit of sound, so adjust the effect to the max and adjust the very low loop solves this point (with a rack of effects and mix output. With a pedal is not easy as oversimplified).

Very easy to get great sound on the 4 options also very balanced amp, in fact I am unable to get a bad sound is simple.

The only thing that bothers me is the overall reverb, I would have preferred a button reverb per channel or not (as on the bugera 333).


What is immediately striking is the precision and scale, terrain, sound. It's straightforward but refined, the grain is fine and catchy, a real treat.
With the circuit is bluffing vtc warmth and presence without it being loud, pulse it enjoyable!

Harmonics emerge hyper net nuances game like this, and it is clear that more vox fender but with an effective equalizer.

How to describe the distortion? The mode is almost as hairy correct but thinner, it's quick and sharp but not aggressive in the wrong sense. A balance rarely seen, and I had tons of amps. So I use the heavy channel saturax in 11hrs. For me playing blues (kws in the idea) I do this: DC9 Bébert pedal between guitar and amp, I rule very low volume and reduces the rate by thinning the sound distortion, it's simple and its rather high level. When not in use it has a true bypass (12hrs level, zero sensitivity). Was thinking approach rather unusual ...

The effects are basic agreement, but in practice enough. You can just mix them, and the amp does not have the memory effects for each channel is global.

But the sound is superb. I test on my box 10pouces usual, and there is no comparison with the latest amps tested (orange crush35ldx, p35 laney, marshall fx15new, line6 spider4 30, marshall mg10cd) recently on this same box. Mg10 Note that apart from all cost more than the head Bebert! So we can not compare?


A week or two that I have not tested yet again in high volume but as the offer will not last long at this price I already post this review.

100w is not bad with a 4 ohm 4x12 so no worries on that side even if experience watts Bebert are rather optimistic.

A wild affair!

I had lots of amps Bébert and none had to worry about reliability can be quiet.

Edit: tested at full volume, or almost a 412 (celestion G12T-75) marshmal, a bad box in general ... no miracles, although the vt100 sound remains strong acid on saturax, even with acute 10hrs. In clean limit is ok. This box will never give good results in fact it is made to cash-watt head with a brand's absolute horror (too loud, too acidic, too bad ...). In short let's move on.
On a 212 in Peavey Blue Marvel is much better, a little weaker, but still a bit grating in acute saturax. We can still leave the treble at noon.
On a 112 c12k100 jensen is great, precise, rough, acute rather sweet, and very still. A pleasant surprise.
Ze winner is a box 112 open-back deep enough with a neodymium DELTALITE eminence, everything is not limited bass (one in D RG7, guys!), Precise mids, and warm, soft and sharp and defined A real treat!
Vt100 Bebert head remains on that box, that's on, plus it's light and easy to carry.
What you ask for eh ... C'tampli awesome!

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