Hughes & Kettner Attax 100 Head  (1993 Series)
Hughes & Kettner Attax 100 Head (1993 Series)

Attax 100 Head (1993 Series), Solid-State Guitar Amp Head from Hughes & Kettner in the Attax 1993 series.

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gnome 06/18/2003

Hughes & Kettner Attax 100 Head (1993 Series) : gnome's user review


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The old version I possde combo, it differs from the new by the distortion, the new one can settle the voicing, there is the old mode 1 (normal) or 2 (boost bass / midrange, d 'Acute)

100W, a 12 hp "

three channels: clean, crunch, lead. (Switchable problem without the pedals), mono effects loop, spring reverb intgre.

Attention this is an amp mixed with a lamp ... an ECC83 (I would), the power is in solid-state

connection: input high / low, headphone jack and line-out (no simulation hp), effects loop.


With respect to any of the configuration problem: three analog amplifier channels, equalization effective.

work on the sound is all quite simple, and the manual says enough


(I possde a Kamann gtx19 sounding stratocaster, a friend of the same amp with a strat us, so I'll runir our opinions ...)

the clean and crunch I think are perfect, a crisp, attacked, or rocks, it's really the card, a sound SOON (thanks EQ, and probably the lamp )

the problem comes from the distortion, which feels rather transistor families. I have the doubt on the usefulness of the lamp (I wonder if it intervenes in the lead). we therefore distortion in the treble, and there is no choice, you can just hide it with mode2 or equalization, mode 1 is more natural

tate so I ... 5 / 10 because of the lead, if 9 / 10 = (


I got it secondhand in good condition for 6 months, and lead I still have not found her drinking, even if I tend to want to imitate a mesa that I ds' means of the distortion, the problem may come from l.

otherwise it is very well for the strata in clean / crunch, in terms of its power it can make scne, of repetition, the studio (I did with the three).

So trs well, but if you like metal and other distortions that mimic the mesa-boogie, go your way.