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Iron koala 06/14/2009

Pearce G2r : Iron koala's user review


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Amp transistor of a hundred watt I think.
There are 2 instrument inputs (1 input per channel) with switch to vary the input level (0 to +20 db)
And behind a loop, a mono output 8 ohm min and 2 stereo output 4 ohm min
A footswitch input.
Level setting, there is a drive (gain) a mid bass eq trebble (semi-parametric mid) presence and volume.
There is a small module reverb and limiter, a pure panning the stereo (balance)
There are also small adjustments which I do not know how useful the beautiful little pad and a switch.
In short it is a device that hints a lot of settings


So we get a good sound quite easily even if it takes time to become familiar with the many possibilities.
The possible settings are a little bit confusing because the usual guitar amplifiers.
A textbook is that I did not quite necesaire.


There I was downright amazed, this amp has a base of clear sound very good, dynamic, powerful and can make it hot or crystalline, with the eq is actually what people want.
When you push the drive, I found it unconvincing, bold and not very pretty but I tried to put an overdrive pedal and it sounded like ts blues madness and always dynamic.
I put my rack preamp digitech multi effect from 2112 and by retouching the input level and EQ, I found myself with a sensation similar to a Poweramp lamp in a little more dynamic.
I used it during a concert and I had a reserve of power and a very close grain nice sound light but still lacks a little something, you can not handle feedback, it leaves feedback control if one approaches the baffle too, too bad.
I do not know if it's because of this, but I felt a little lacking its level during the concert.


I made this rack for my loan Poweramp dropped, I was amazed at the sound reproduction and the power that has little to be ashamed of tube amp.
This amp seemed perfect for jazz or funk and gives good results in rock and blues provided to put the pedal or preamp.
I tried a lot of lamps and transistor amp and this amp seemed slightly below the result of the lamps (but much higher than other colleagues transos) solely because of this history, but its dynamic feedback allows a lot of interesting nuances to my music.
Too bad this thing is rare, although I would have bought one.