Randall RG13
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le fraggle 09/07/2014

Randall RG13 : le fraggle's user review

«  Very good »

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8 well

1W amplifier transistors. used as a preamp.
Comprehensive in connectors: guitar input, aux (for example mp3)
loop "of effects, speaker output (1 watt into 8 ohms) output for direct amp and XLR output to directly attack a mixing desk (with simulated hp).
Here we have 3 channels, clean crunch and lead.
Equalization is common to each channel, gain and volume setting is available for each channel.
More adjustment of overall volume, a volume control boost or mix the effects loop choice and presence.
It can boost the bass, cut the medium or add shine to the clean channel.
(The only really useful in my opinion but I will).

In short it is fairly complete.


8 well

Super simple.
The manual is very very short ... But hey, there's nothing to program, it is plug'n'play.
You plug directly into a cabinet, on the part of a power amp or directly into the sound card and XLR hop sounds.

That's perfect.


9 excellent!

Here's the point of interest.

Played primarily with a Gibson Flying V with a single EMG 81.
Or a Les Paul Studio Faded for clear and Rock sounds.

Level is oriented big big rock and metal ...
Good ce'st Randall simultaneously.

The clean sound is taf, the bright button adds what is lacking in brightness so for me it is always on.

The crunch is already saturated, not synthetic at all, I love precise.

Lead level, I was disappointed at first, watching videos on the internet I was expecting a lot more gain. If you are looking for a metal type box (déguelasse and unusable at high volume, in my sense huh ...) I think you can go your way! You may be disappointed. Try it before then!
Guys who need to upload the demos in effects.

Then after a few days you get used to and in fact that's enough!
In the worst case a little boost before and presto we win this thing.
I play in a death metal band, and I tested this weekend plugged into the back loop of my peavey 3120 and frankly it sends pony! I have even used the final boost!

Plugged into the clean channel it blows too much and it's not great. His place is directly in the power amp section.

it is VERY accurate, artificial harmonics do well, it's powerful, and the gain can be pushed to max everything is very audible and doing very well in the mix.
it forces even apply so we can hear all the notes!
Even better than the sound of Peavey!

Sim HP (4 * 12 randall) is to directly attack a sound card. M% ais but I prefer 09 IDPs in Palmer. But it can help to live if you want to spend microphones.

Bass boost or cut of medium level, it's nice for the house but at high volume it does not. Too low and it is the bassist who no longer useless and if the medium is cut it disappears from the mix ...

For output hp is great for home, more than enough to get angry with the neighbors, plugged in a 2 * 12 is happiness, I do not use more than that.
RPET we will forget ... It's 1 watt ...

Really a plus for the effects loop. Only point I could give negative, must choose either it's effects loop or it's the boost ... Anyway.


8, very good!

I'm very happy.

Value for money very satisfactory (at the same time I have the price of a B-Stock ...)

I was looking for a quality sound for home and rehearsals, something as simple tired of multis and I found.

Frankly, a test product for our metalhead friends!