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Djeeloo 06/12/2006

Rocktron mAXE : Djeeloo's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Preamp Transistors
Power: (Heu. .. I know I have not the eyes, I will correct later)
Connections: An input jack, output jack, making a pedal, a power supply (adapter)

Adjusting bass and treble for audio and Disto Clair (+ Medium parametric).
Adjusting the Noise Gate (attack time and threshold), super efficient and very musical.
For distortion, phase adjustment / Quantity, Volume Drive, EQ.


Very simple configuration.
We obtain easily different tone colors, with two / three potentiometers.
The manual that I have not really read, provides more guidance and practical techniques.


This may be a little 8O's, and again, the panel is still sound quite large.
I use a Samick electric a little worn and it sounds the same.
Also with a nice Gretsch electro and it is biting.
The clean sound is not bad, but it is especially in disto it off.


I use it for several months, and I love the knob "AGX" which acts on the noise gate. And the phase that gives color to the sound varied.
The EQ is very good, both in Disto Clair.
Good quality / price ratio, bought occazz, I can just make me an adapter AD-KWAT.

This is an excellent choice. 1 Rack Unit which sounds superb. That bo is hot or spicy, it's subtle or bold ...
J'adooOOOooore! ! !