Takamine Digital DSP
Takamine Digital DSP

Digital DSP, Solid-State Guitar Preamp from Takamine.

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Day after day 03/06/2010

Takamine Digital DSP : Day after day's user review


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Digital preamplifier. It converts the analog signal from the sensor mark.
A single preamp (to my knowledge) which processes the signal digitally before converting it back to analog for output to the amplifier / the sound!

The settings are done from command pulse in place of traditional sliders or knobs. This allows to accurately reproduce its settings and store them via the 10 user memories that complement the 10 presets "factory".

The ten original presets offer each profile "pre-equalized" on which you can respond via a 3-band EQ: bass, treble, and a band semi parametric.
Save over this two reverb of choice and an absorber of feedback.

The possibilities are truly endless and reproducible. You can really carve 10 different sounds.

An on-board tuner (normal given the level of equipment). It can not however be used without the jack-_-'

Powered by 2 x 1.5V. Autonomy is announced at 8am. Some announce 2h ... I think instead of 5 to 6 hours of play

A preamp-out standards. A bit expensive (250 € brand new, 100 € for OCCAZ). The tuner that can turn on without the jack and the limited autonomy: 8 / 10


Usage is relatively simple.

As a first step: You connect, you choose your preset and adjust the volume. Here you play and it sounds!

Then you'll want to enjoy the features of your gem, you'll have to invest some time even though it is rather simple to do.

You select the preset to be edited. You work and adjust the EQ the reverb. You remember and you store your settings to life. In time well invested voila!

You can do this ten times for ten sounds as you play your Takamine solo in a cafe or on the intimate scene of a zenith with your rock band ...

Simple or complex. It is the user who chooses! 9 / 10


The resulting sounds can not not suit your style. From mellow jazzy folk sound settings through highly crystalline while you can create.

The piezo Takamine offers a well-balanced and well articulated. The highs are present but too well the dynamics of play is respected. Passed through this preamp sound out very cleanly to a very decent volume.

Much more than this preamp is the possibility of memories and equalization of sound well above the average (and far!).
No negative point of view of sound. Your guitar will do you never lack. 10/10


I use it for several months.
I had problems because the digital sensor saturation attacked the preamp too strong. A small volume pot was added to the guitar and it's flawless!

I tried all the preamps of the mark. This offers an interesting solution.

Not really a fan of tube preamp that adds too much treble harmonic ..
More complete than the basic CT4B-II but more greedy ...

The only thing missing is the ability to mix a second source. In 2010 it is a real lack of taste!

A good preamp that is almost full marks, but its low autonomy, its tuner and its not practice high price bring down the overall score to 8 / 10