Marshall MG15MSZW - Zakk Wylde
Marshall MG15MSZW - Zakk Wylde

MG15MSZW - Zakk Wylde, Solid-State Guitar Stack / Half Stack from Marshall in the MG 2nd Gen series.

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iamqman 08/03/2011

Marshall MG15MSZW - Zakk Wylde : iamqman's user review

« It's fun »

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I have to first say that I am not a huge fan of ZW but I do like some of his stuff and he sure knows how to rock it out. I particularly like him in the movie Rock Star for instance when he shoots that gun out of the bus at that roads sign. He seems to be alike a cool guy from interviews I have read with him in it. This is a micro stack like the other micro stacks from Marshall but they have put Zakk's name on the outside. This one has two channels unlike the other that have four channels. you get pretty much all the rest of the same features and tone. Not too much to talk about as this is a cheap cool tribute to Ozzy's guitarist and the front man to Black Label Society.


Output (RMS): 15 watts

Channel: 2

Footswitchable Ch.: No

CD Input: Yes

Emulated Line Out: Yes

Spring Reverb: Yes

FDD: Yes

Dimensions (mm): 383 x 180 x 211

Type: Angled

Speaker Configuration: 1x10 in.

Dimensions (mm): 383 x 390 x 240

Type: Base

Speaker Configuration: 1x10 in.

Dimensions (mm): 383 x 390 x 240


The tone from this amp isn't that bad for being a solid state amp. It has two channels and all are very usable in the basic functions. This is an all in one amp for a beginner guitar player. Any one who has spent any time with a tube amp will not go for this other than to have as a practice unit for silence or office use. The crunch channel will get you a great classic rock tone. Trying using a Gibson Les Paul or SG and dial down the gain for some good Led Zeppelin tone or Ac/Dc crunch. But if you are going to play this amp you will need an Epiphone Zekk Wylde bulls-eye guitar or one of the more expensive ones from Gibson. That way you can better match this amp with the guitar. Then you just need the MXR Zakk Wylde chorus pedal and overdrive and then you will be set up with the right Zakk Wylde tribute gear set The over drive channel are excellent for modern rock and will sound good with any guitar used with humbucker pickup.


These amps have been discontinued for a while now. You can find them on the used market pretty easily. They did make quite a few of these amps for the fans. I would recommend this if you are a fan off Zakk's or if you just want a cool looking and fairly cheap micro amp stack. It is fun and something cool to practice and play through.