Alchémia P600
Alchémia P600

P600, Solid-State Pre-amp from Alchémia.

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Fabsalab 03/06/2012

Alchémia P600 : Fabsalab's user review

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What technology is used?
analog, a transistor

What is the connection?

Is it a rack or rack-mount model? Rackable

This is a complete stereo preamp and a double DIbox.
THE most is the opportunity to act on the phase of input channels. Very handy on a couple AB or ORTF (use sparingly; o)


The general configuration is simple?
Extremely simple, one branch, we listen and the sound is there


The sound of your instruments or your microphone is correctly reproduced?
It is a treat with Schoeps, Neumann U87 and others, 127, 184, 84, 103, 414 ideal companion. This is huge over head, an unlimited headroom bodied bass, midrange and DBAs very detailed. An upper midrange clear and precise
The preamp makes it clear or does it stain?
Both structured and transparent but not colored


How long you use it? 6 years
What is so special that you love the most, least?

Did you tried many other models before buying it? yes
How would you rate the quality / price? Very good although it remains expensive compared to other market refernce
With experience, you do again this choice? unhesitatingly