BAE Audio 1272
BAE Audio 1272

1272, Solid-State Pre-amp from BAE Audio.

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Chevalier blanc 03/05/2012

BAE Audio 1272 : Chevalier blanc's user review

«  good preamp »

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- What technology is used
All analog.
Older generation of Brent Averill 1272, so 1073 copy of a priori are the new copy of Brent since 1272 to averiil out a copy of 1073, before he had not the catalog, so that one could read on the manufacturer's website "copy of 1073 preamp, they are recognizable by their buttons notched in input preamp for gain, they are red as the original neve.

-What is the connection?
2 XLR IN, OUT 2 XLR, 2 Jack instrument, separate power supply.

-What impact or effect types available?
Preamplify, it's his job.

19 "standard except for the PSU


Not simple, notched knob gain entry to the preamp, and output knob.

-The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
I do not believe in having a .....


Very good preamp.
Its colors in the right direction.
I use it as a preamp main, just about everything going on inside except sometimes electric guitars flowing through a lafont is based on the case, the desired result (eg guitars thinner and more modern).
For example if I want a nice thick guitar and vintage enough, I glue a beyer M160 ribbon before and it sounds. On voice is just perfect with a BPM TB 94.
Of course everything is back in the mix without making a big correction.
Anyway ... this preamp with all natural sounds, light and thick.


I use it for 2 years.
I tried the pheonix DSQ4 I think, I did not like.
What I like most is the beautiful and natural look.
What I like least, nothing.
Or the price I paid in surplus stock with funky junk, nothing to say perfect report.
Today I think I will take a real neve 500 format, they are quite accessible.