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Krisskano 06/07/2005

M-Audio Octane : Krisskano's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
8 transistor preamp channels, 8 line outputs 8 channels ADAT output.
8 line inputs and XLR jack (one cancels the other which allows the use of input-output lines circuit insert a little hassle .... and barbaric as wiring!)
No effect on the machine, in fact if there is one and not least, the mastering on channels 7 and 8 and is seriously stunning! In short, the matrissage allows calculation to generate a signal sterréo very balanced, it nessecite a directional microphone and an 8 cardoide placed in the axis of the source ... For more details on the technical mastering or you m ' send an email or you are looking for a bit on the net ... ;-)
Rack 2 U


Config very simple, 48v Actival pairs of channels (we would have preferred inland ...)
Manual a bit difficult (especially for the wiring insert mode when using a compressor!)


Sound, essential part:
Compared to the preamp + converter Tascam (FW 1884, DM 2000), maps hoontec ADDA 2000, the sound is much better defined in the ear as the control (sampling, conversion and analysis with sound forge two identical signals processed by difféents the preamp / converters.
The headroom is more than correct.
No particular color ...
Note: the converters are slower than those fitted to Tascam consoles (sorry it's my only reference point), despite a word clock connection (master as a slave), the signals sent out by the offset of Octane from 17 to 22 samples at 44.1 kHz corresponding to a lag of about 0.4 ms to know when using a set of simultaneous micro ...


I have octane since July 2004 (almost a year to the test date).
I like the transparency, I regret the very slight delay, we should not dramatize 0.4 ms for a gap in the knowledge becomes audible from 7 ms! But if two simultaneous registry renewal difference and devices on certain frequencies, a phase inversion is possible ...
This is my fourth A / D and D / A is my favorite!
Value for money, we pay for and even a little more (mastering).
This is the preamp / converter perform best in value, however, I collect then the time it will prchaine Focusrite