Shadow Hills Industries Quad Gama  Mic Pre
Shadow Hills Industries Quad Gama Mic Pre

Quad Gama Mic Pre, Solid-State Pre-amp from Shadow Hills Industries.

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boogie-raf 03/06/2011

Shadow Hills Industries Quad Gama Mic Pre : boogie-raf's user review

«  Vintage preamp, impeccable quality »

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This transistor preamps are "Vintage Style" of the diagram is inspired Neve preamp, without being a clone. it has two different output transformer for each preamp. one of them is wound and the other nickel steel (Steel) does correspond to the first Transformers manufactured audio consoles for the 60's. it delivers a smoother and participates in the character of this preamp Vintage exceptional. Transformer by switching on the nickel, we find a slightly more modern. All Transformers are Jensens there is a third output which is discrete (op amp Traditional)

it also has a -20 dB pad, phase reverse per channel, and a DI input.

the housing supply is external and can connect multiple rack.

potentiometers (very impressive) are serrated and have 24 positions. they allow a fine adjustment while allowing to find the exact setting without difficulty.

construction quality of the chassis is impressive, it looks like he is made for the Russian army's prewar.


The very simple configuration, the working comfort is optimal.


- The discrete output faithfully reproduces the sound but not the most interesting.

- Nickel output faithfully reproduces the sound but with a varnish very, very nice, very well on vocals.

- Steel smooths out the sound, it is very interesting for Drums, electric guitars, etc. ...

- The bottom is very broad and balanced.


- I use it for two years.

- I compared it to the PA Wunder furnace at 1272 Vintech, API 512, Millennia and Avalon HV8 737. All these preamps are very good and have different sounds. The Shadow Hills is especially nice on electric guitars. the comfort of work is incredible, with its large serrated knobs.

- What I love most: the Switch on the transformer has two different sounds instead of one, it's like having two different machines! The workmanship is incredible. He has a mouth of hell, we must say that it impresses all the musicians

- What I like least: the price is not given, the external power supply to take place. it is also a 2 U. other models can put 4 in 1 preamp unit. recess here, with transformers, it is impossible. but hey it's not very serious.
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