SM Pro Audio EP 84
SM Pro Audio EP 84

EP 84, Solid-State Pre-amp from SM Pro Audio.

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aston-morton 02/19/2014

SM Pro Audio EP 84 : aston-morton's user review

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Analog preamp transistors 8 channels (I did not take the ADAT option), 2U rack. Designed in Australia (!) And probably made in China.
Gain adjustment, Pad input gain, phantom power, low cut and phase switch on each channel.
The connection is complete (inputs / outputs XLR and TRS) and decorated with a line of insertion on each channel.
I forgot: Integrated power supply (230/120 V) AND on / off switch (it is rare on amateur equipment).
The building is neat and gives confidence, but it is very simple ....


Very simple to install and use, the manual is clear, but there is really no need.


I bought it to by-pass any very preamps recorder Korg D888 (8 simultaneous tracks) that I use for mobile terminals (rehearsals, etc ...).
The preamps are very good (for the price), transparent and especially quiet (no noise). Headroom is extended.


I just got it, I did some tests that show great promise. Of course, this is not the Focusrite or Presonus (not to mention the very high ranges), but, considering the sound system in its entirety, this machine is certainly not the weak link: comparing with preamps my table (Allen & Heath) is quite comparable, or slightly above.
Full settings on each channel, and 8 inserts is a real plus. For now, of course (it's a little early), nothing disappointing or insufficient. Yes, I would have liked a bar graph per channel, but do not abuse this rate.
The ratio Q / P is very attractive (promo). I will edit this review when I have a little more perspective.