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fabamarie 10/25/2010

Toft Audio Designs AFC-2 : fabamarie's user review


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prampli equalizer and dual transistor


all is a bit austere
the buttons are all alike, we get lost in the crowd a bit, when the equalizer is bypass it becomes not even realize that the wafer is lit because no Lumire

buttons that clipent as 48V and the bypass are pretty hard

but hey, it's robust construction and overall confidence-inspiring (the hardware kind of weapon what) this aspect mtal everything is original, we would want to align 4 &% &%&%&%
Super equalization, musical, well-rounded, nice bass, all with great finesse, do it with a mix of happiness, while spring and takes the body

the pramplis have a small stain that is really pleasant, I thought that until the lights taient Pramper the colors, it's actually the opposite. it is lgre and just the right thing. Avalon Pramper my compartment and Universal Audio, DEFINITIONS is not as large but for the price is correct

the treble is not ssl, has the English sounds a bit dirty if you push


I use it on my mixes, I will like to have several, a nice color, a great equalizer of music, made a kind of double strip, a sound that has body

that the price and when you see the price of consoles, equalizer and dual Pramper hat