Toft Audio Designs EC-1

EC-1, Solid-State Pre-amp from Toft Audio Designs.

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Lddf 04/11/2008

Toft Audio Designs EC-1 : Lddf's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Small prampli eq compress analog thoughtful trs simple, with small common functions: MIC / line, phase reverse, 48V and bypass (EQ and comp spars) and also a switch position EQ pre / post compressor which can be convenient.

XLR connectors (sym) mic, line in and out
connectors jack (unbalanced only) in and out + in instrument in faade
all in 1U 19 '.


You have to make the compress which has no threshold (no input either, then it is found that the dual compressor of the same brand)

visuality rduction gain and output, damage that we can not see the level of, but saw his raction when "he comes in" No it did not matter (distortion INTERESTED but not all ...)

damage that we are not entitled to the bandwidth of the EQ, not surgery but rather audio sound envelope ... it colors nicely. mfiance with the HF EQ, it can bring a lot of brightness without blowing a small gift ...

must assess ... trs but it works fine for the price!


Cf use ...


I do not own a long time but what I have been trying for me, c is what I wanted, a prampli okay with that colors a little EQ and a small compressor, a can be taken or the nice mix (mouse get tired ...) and especially in a live show brings a little more sound diffrent (well at least personal) on a rock voice trs such dynamic and above all made a slice in less copy ;-)