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ultravortex 02/01/2011

Casio VZ-8M : ultravortex's user review


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19 "1U, trio MIDI output stereo headphone output, power cord with standard computer (good!). Display: 2 line x 16 character backlit green. Polyphony: 8 voices. Polytimbralité: 8 tones. Features on IPD synthesis have already been set (if not read the manual), just point out that there is no filter or effect and he has a card reader in front RAM that is compatible (format and sounds) with VZ-1/10m.
The finish is perfect, the whole gives an impression of solidity, it is pro, not gadgets.


The manual is well done, however, the translation is not perfect some awkward sentence hinder the clarity of the course, sometimes the words that you feel dysfunctional, why strive to translate function names while on the firmware of the device they are anyway not translated. This is not a criticism unique to Casio course.
Otherwise the machine configuration and editing of parameters is not simple, as always, more and more features and fewer button.
As for the mastery of this mode of synthesis, obtaining his "wanted" is not easy at all, as on all machines using the "multiplication" in the assembly of oscillators elsewhere. ..


The sounds are exceptional, I had a VZ-1, I expected that the VZ8 slightly below, and not at all! Then it is likely that programmers have made sound progress in this type of synthesis, it is certain that the sounds are preloaded standard very very good. Better than the VZ-1 itself. It's amazing what can be achieved without resonant filter! And without some abusing effects flattering to hide the poverty of his ... Dry is already superb! You can really get very big sound. And you can also get sounds like FM synthesis Chrystalina knows so well, except that there is better. While it is true that a synth is not to imitate an acoustic instrument, though, the cello ... The cow!
I always hate the samplers, first because if you want a piano makes you a piano, then because even if the database is recorded as perfect, it's not easy to make a sample as expressive as his produced by generation of synthetic waves. When I hear a device like this, it reinforces my idea that sampling serves neither the creativity nor the expression, and it is a simple method useless.
But back to VZ8m with a word about the sound quality output: extraordinary dynamic and remarkable lack of breath.


I use only a few days. And I find this synth a rich and astonishing power. Finally, if Casio has stopped producing professional musical instruments is perhaps because he had nothing more to add? Excellent machine